Reimagining the region:

the path to global impact

Last year FLII CA&C united over 480 participants from 37 different countries including the principle impact investors, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, capacity developers amongst other key actors.

With this momentum, in 2018, we will examine how the Central American and the Caribbean ecosystem can take a proactive role in the global marketplace while advancing the agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This year the 4th edition of FLII CA&C encourages and challenges all participants to reimagine the region - a region that is at the forefront of sparking innovation and that generates global impact. For the growth of this region, a new perspective is needed, one based on the opportunities at hand, rather than barriers often presented. With a new lens, as a community, we can tackle the  SDGs by promoting new innovative financial tools and democratizing access to impact investment, supporting the growth of social entrepreneurs, and strengthening an ecosystem based on inclusion.

The first step to reimagine the region is to reimagine FLII CA&C, the structure of the agenda and curated spaces. We constantly re-think and innovate our approach to investment, development, and education and now it is time to create a new approach to the forum in order to equip participants with the resources, knowledge, and network to generate regional growth.

The 2018 agenda is curated to provoke discussions on the most pressing regional challenges and trends and to facilitate more global connections.  We believe the traditional panel “one size fits all” model will no longer be sufficient. This year’s agenda introduces new formats, more workshops, and tailored panels that stimulate action. The agenda, based upon the 4 pillars: investment, innovation, ecosystems and inclusive impact, will provide profound conversation to address solutions and collaborations for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe collaborations are crucial for the growth of the region and they begin at FLII CA&C and therefore invite you to reimagine the region, challenge yourself, get creative and innovative  at FLII CA&C 2018:

What can be expected at FLII CA&C 2018:

Panels: While the panel format is not new, this year we hope to create profound conversations and take a new approach to the traditional format.

Learning Lounges: This new format is designed for our thematic discussions. Participants eager to learn about a certain theme usually want to hear the panel, but also contribute to the conversation, and most importantly, they want to meet other participants who share their interest.  Learning lounges will allow for a profound panel discussion along side with facilitated sectorial networking. Many of these sessions will be 90 minutes.

Action Labs: These workshops will range from in-depth roundtable discussions to hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Keynote speakers: Regional thought leaders will share their experiences around the 4 pillars of the agenda.

Game Changers: In 2017, we introduced 5x5 stories that matter, however, we realized 5 minutes may be too short.  There are many key actors reimagining the region and “changing the game.” These 10-minute sessions invite the game changers of the region to share their stories and leave the audience inspired.

Camino de Café: As coffee is one of the main industries in Central America, we believe it is an important aspect of the conference, but instead of learning about the coffee sector through a panel, participants will have the opportunity to experience local coffee, learn about innovative coffee business models reimagining the way coffee and business interact.  and meet coffee entrepreneurs behind it all.

Morning Meditation: In order to create impact within the community, the initial change starts within. Start each morning of FLII CA&C centered with a 30-minute mindful meditation.

Networking Spaces: Due to the intimate size of FLII CA&C (capped at 500 participants), we hope participants will have more opportunity to connect and generate long-term partnerships through curated networking spaces and events.

Working Lunches:  To continue the dialogue regarding thematic interests of the region, we have created working lunches, enjoy your lunch at a roundtable discussion,  surrounded by people willing to generate a deep and meaningful conversation around specific topics.

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